Whether it’s for a Fortune 500 corporation, private company or a high-net-worth individual, aviation employers rely on C.T. Solutions for all their placement needs. We offer a proven ability to match top caliber professionals based on talent, skills, values, cultural fit, work history and industry references.

Ensuring client satisfaction requires an in-depth, comprehensive approach that we are ready to deploy at any point of your company's growth. Our review, for example, ensures that your business is providing safe and reliable aircraft service, as well as properly managed transportation services. When completed regularly, the reviews will incorporate assessments of individual and team objectives that can significantly impact your company's success. We identify problems or issues impacting performance and offer relevant solutions for restructuring procedures.

The central purpose of our review is to reinforce the accountability of the actions and plans undertaken by teams and individuals. It is also a great opportunity to recognize exceptional performance. Our solutions help to create a culture of transparency and integrity, which fosters discussion of different issues among management and staff, leading to opportunities for improvements.

This process is vital to the health of your organization. Designed to highlight marginalized issues, the review facilitates the removal of obstacles which prevent management and executives from fulfilling their job duties. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Don't let poor performance, support staff frustration, or low morale cripple your burgeoning success.

For decades, we’ve accumulated the broadest portfolio of fully vetted active and passive candidates for aviation leadership, maintenance professionals, pilots, schedulers, dispatchers and other aviation-specific roles.

Our services include:


Succession Planning

Human Resource Audits & Consulting

Resume Assistance

Crew "Start Up" Flight Departments

Aviation Recruiting for Existing Flight Departments


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