Throughout the entire process, I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail associated with C.T. Solutions. I received two highly competitive offers in a period of less than two months. If I'm ever in need of an aviation recruiter again, C.T. Solutions will be the first and only call I make. Thanks, Cyndy.

Matt Reed

Captain, PNC

Bigger is not always better. You might also consider C.T. Solutions which is owned and run by Cyndy Thiel. I have seen Cyndy's work, and she is very good at what she does. I would definitely put Cyndy on your radar screen.

William J. Quinn

Chairman & Founder, Aviation Management Systems, Inc.

As I assumed the leadership of my flight department rather abruptly, it came with a set of challenges that needed immediate attention, one being to fill a void for very specific pilot positions. I turned the task over to Cyndy Thiel of C.T. Solutions, LLC, and within a very short period of time, started to receive multiple candidates that met or exceeded my explications. Cyndy was able to find, screen, and interview these pilots before presenting them for my consideration saving me valuable time and effort on my part. As I stated, these were very narrow requirements I was looking for, and I would have found it almost impossible to find the time or have the network connections to locate these candidates myself. Cyndy's long exposure and experience to the corporate aviation industry was invaluable in comprehending what I was looking for and then locating these pilots. Cyndy presented for consideration at least 6 pilots which I found all more than acceptable, we independently came to the same conclusion on the two that I hired, and over a year later they have both exceeded my initial explications.

Tom Zola

Director of Aviation, Starr Equipment Corporation

When I faced losing my job in Fall of 2011, I contacted C. T. Solutions on the advice of a colleague. Cyndy Thiel's cordial and positive demeanor during our first conversation assuaged much of my anxiety. She made it clear my job quest was as important to her as to me. In short order, she got the ball rolling on a job with a highly respected company, which ultimately culminated in an employment offer. Cyndy made it clear she was working not merely to "get me a job," but to place me through the process and made good things happen. Thanks to C.T. Solutions, what began as a quest to explore my options proved one of the most sound career decisions I've ever made.

Michael Young

Former Senior Captain, Eastman Kodak Aviation Services

Cyndy worked tirelessly to find us the right fit for our department, given our challenging requirements. She takes pride in fully understanding her client's organizational needs and sources the best candidates with the right profile to ensure a cultural match. We are extremely pleased with the results.


Client in the top 200 in the Fortune list

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